What we do

Kindred works to build mental health and wellbeing by supporting people, organisations and governments to identify and address factors causing distress. We understand these factors in terms of three domains: personal, social and environmental. Kindred focuses on the social domain to build relational skills and understanding that will enable progress in all three domains, as illustrated below.

Our Framework

About Our Framework

This model makes a key observation that mental health and wellbeing determine how people and societies function. Persistent and extreme distress can make it difficult and sometimes impossible for people to manage their lives, care for their families, and contribute to their communities. This weakens societies, damages economies, and erodes quality of life.

Kindred focuses on the social domain to build relational skills and understanding that will enable progress in all three domains.

Kindred provides safe and creative spaces for people to explore what is possible if they put their heads together, and then supports them to put their ideas into action. This might mean establishing a community wellness group, a partnership between organisations to work in a new place, training for people with limited knowledge of mental health and wellbeing, policy reform, or building connections between isolated communities and existing services.

We believe that cooperation is an essential part of the human condition.

Fragmentation, disconnection, and divisiveness threaten health and wellbeing.

In shaping Kindred, we have asked ourselves:

What common goals unite communities and how can we assist in identifying these?

What is now separated that, when put together, makes societies healthier? How can people from different professions, organisations, and disciplines reinforce each other’s work to make the best possible use of resources?

What can we learn and build from the innovations of others? How might successful practice in one location be applied to another where it is absent?

Who needs to cooperate, and how, to effectively address disadvantage, division, and other complex barriers to wellbeing?

Our Logo

Kindred envisions a future in which communities build cooperative endeavours that make them healthier, happier, and more resilient.

The logo for Kindred reflects the emphasis of the work of the organisation, as illustrated below. This concept features again in the section of the strategy on monitoring, evaluation and learning.

Kindred logo and key values