The Kindred Theory of Change

Kindred builds collaborations between people with shared goals but different backgrounds. We bring diverse groups of people together to cultivate a mental health and well-being perspective on meeting community needs.

We do this by:

Finding people and organisations who understand community context, needs and aspirations

Being proactive to strengthen ties between people across different roles and sectors so they are ready and able to respond to urgent and often hidden mental health needs

Connecting and coordinating professionals and community members who ought to be working together

Amplifying the voice of people and communities with lived experience of trauma and disadvantage to generate knowledge needed by organisations that aim to support their wellbeing

Engaging dialogue about mental health and wellbeing to help communities navigate difficult conversations and find constructive ways forward.


people are supported to cooperate on determining ways they can improve mental health and wellbeing for disadvantaged populations and the community as a whole


they will develop knowledge, relational skills, capacity and motivation in the process

Which will result in

more people, communities, organisations and governments making suitable and informed choices that embed concern for mental health and wellbeing and lead to less long-term suffering

And additionally will

improve the health, happiness, safety and livelihood prospects of people and communities